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Hope you're feeling better now after sleeping on it... :) Best tactic to deal with these people is to ignore, act blur and keep distance...that or block them from your emails/smses/fb... ;p


You have a nametag?? Why? Or do you walk around HV with your staff pass hanging around your neck? :P


oh well, i cant ignore her cos she'll keep msging me...  so i replied and said that 1. i dont like people to gossip, 2. i dont have anything more to say regarding my departure, and 3. there's no need to keep trying to arrange for dinners on Fridays cos people usually want to spend them with family and loved ones... 

she replied with a short email and ended with "take care and see u around", so i think i pissed her already...

is this very primary school?  sigh...  and i thought i've left the "i fren u-i dont fren you" phase already...


er, yeah, i meant staff pass...  and yeah, i always wear my staff pass outside of the office...  very glam mah.  =P


you need any help #2 ? hate it when other people are stressing you my bestfriend...

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